Hi & Welcome to my studio!!

A little introduction to me, my studio and the team behind all of those beautiful designs you see in the shop. I'm Julia, the founder of Julia Szendrei Jewelry and started my business back in 2010 when I lived in San Francisco. Growing from our city studio, to a cute Marin side studio to our now Lake Tahoe studio things have changed, shifted and grown more and more every year yet!

It's the job of my dreams and it's my pleasure to invite you into the world behind the work!

Hi and welcome!

I'm so glad you're here and can get to know me and the work space a little bit more ✨

Through the blog I'm going to go into detail about me, my background, inspirations, the studio space, our team, fun gemstone information and more!

All of the pieces you see on www.JuliaSzendrei.com as well as out in the world in the stores across the country are all made, designed and created in the Lake Tahoe Studio. I'm originally from Cape Cod, MA and went to school for Fine Arts both here in the states and abroad. I paint, photograph, illustrate and print make which all funnels into the art of jewelry making nicely. It's been such a beautiful transition from my artistic mediums so much that they all funnel nicely into the jewelry collections. My main goal for starting the jewelry company was to continue the gift giving process through my artistic passions. I get so deep into the world of gemstones and love the color healing behind every stone. Psychology suggests that we have this energetic highway hiding away in our subconscious and through adorning delights we can feed the ego ever so slightly and almost pursued it into new positive thought patterns. Color for me is a driver in the world so through gemstones and minerals we're able to create meaningful touchstones that make for some of the best gifts to friends, loved ones and ourselves!

VISIT: www.JuliaSzendrei.com to see everything that's available and being worked on. New pieces monthly and so many great one-of-a-king styles to enjoy!

Enjoy now!