April Showers Bring May Flowers 🌸


BIRTH FLOWER: Lily of the Valley

It seems like the month of April came and went, as we’ve all been sheltering in place wondering when the world will get back to normal again. However, while social distancing measures have continued to make people feel upended, I’ve noticed a lot of silver linings within this pandemic watching communities come together and businesses quickly shift gears to serve the greater good. For me here in Lake Tahoe, it’s been comforting knowing that while we may be coping with our own unique struggles in adapting to a new normal that we’re not alone, and one way or another we’ll all get through this.

Which is why I think now is an especially good time to treat yourself (or a loved one) to something pretty in your life, like maybe a piece of jewelry that adds a bit of luxury and solace to help get through this time. I’ve found myself wearing more rings lately, and it’s easy for me to gaze into unique gemstones such as amber citrine or ruby desert rose, getting mesmerized in its beauty like how basketball player Kevin Garnett felt when he got his hands on that rock in Uncut Gems. (I bet him and Adam Sandler would appreciate a nice pair of Julia Szendrei cufflinks).

Now that the weather has warmed up around here, I’ve found that I’ve also started to paddleboard more frequently in the emerald blue waters of Lake Tahoe, and the emerald gemstone also so happens to be the birthstone of May. Symbolizing values of loyalty, faithfulness, and friendship, emerald is one of the Earth’s most precious natural gifts and reflected in pieces such as the Emerald Gemstone Charm Necklace which I believe looks great when paired with these 14-carat gold crescent Moon Studs.

Along with May’s vivacious emerald birthstone is the fragrant Lily of the Valley birth flower, its delicate bowing white bells symbolizing sweetness and humility. The hand-drawn and lovingly stamped Lily of the Valley Charm Necklace can make a thoughtful gift to someone with a May birthday, maybe matched with a floating silver pearl.

I know that we’re still in unsettling times right now, but it’s just even more of a reason to constantly be grateful for what we have, practice kindness, and continuously look on the bright side.

The message this month is about working through fears and making room for a new self.

It takes 21 days to create a habit and we are being asked to invent ourselves in ways that are constructive, confident and strong. We are also being asked to be conscious of our thoughts. Start practicing daily affirmations to create a new mindset and a new life.


This message comes from our good friend Alyssa Cook, crystalcure@gmail.com

Drop her a note and get in something intuitive happening this month!