About Julia Szendrei



Julia Szendrei Jewelry is California based Jewelry Company.

We focus on ethically sourced gemstones, forever wearable everyday pieces and unbelievably amazing gifts for the people you love most.

Julia creates her namesake jewelry with an adornment for color and stone. The pieces are for those who love climbing mountains and combing beaches to hold meaningful mementos close to their hearts. In hopes that jewelry brings you a sense of connection to the earth and helps to connect to the female spirit.

As fine artist by trade, Julia spent her early years painting, drawing, printmaking and taking photographs. In her mid 20's she was introduced to lapidary where her love transformed from color on canvas into a new world of stones and metal. 

Now, with her Lake Tahoe Studio, she continues to translate her love of creating into the fondness of gift giving for all to enjoy!

Our Ethos

The goal is to do something you love and share it with the world. Ever since I was a child I have created things as a way to share my love with friends and family and gifting became a way for me to translate love. 

Each piece of jewelry is handmade and designed in our studio, so you'll be working directly with the artist and our hand picked team of energetically charged talent through jewelry pieces that have been made with love, thought and care.

Please enjoy the work and for all questions, thoughts or ideas please feel free to reach out!

xx, Jules​