Welcoming February:the month of celebrating the language of love.



ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE and they are also February's birth flower.

I recently read in the Farmer's Almanac that for centuries flowers have been a pleasant way to communicate without using words, quietly emoting their beauty, grace, and fragrance. Every kind of flower has a meaning behind it and is unique, much like people.

Even though February is a popular time to give red roses and jewelry (check out our Valentine's Shop to find the perfect gift), February's birth flower is actually the violet. Its dainty yet bold presence signifies feelings of loyalty and faithfulness. Violets show a person that you'll always be there for them, it's a pleasant reminder of stability and comfort.

Like a violet, though, the most important feature of a gemstone is its color; and the strong purple hue of February's birthstone the amethyst also conveys the strengthening of relationships and royalty because at one time only those of a higher class could wear the gem. Wearing an amethyst is thought to give a person courage (perhaps that's where the Purple Heart came from?)while also portraying passion, fire, and temperance. As the official stone of St. Valentine, an amethyst can range in color from a pale reddish-purple to a deep violet.

Personally, some of my favorite February pieces are the simple and elegant handmade Amethyst Star Necklace and the bright Tanzanite Charm Necklace. Whenever I look at Tanzanite, I see a subtle badge of honor, a thoughtful illuminative piece that tells a story. Hand chosen and naturally placed in a vermeil setting, when I look at a bright colorful purple gem, I think that-like the person wearing it- there's more to that piece than meets the eye.

Wishing you a February full of strength, beauty and love!


February's message for the month is about dreaming big! Get inspired, forecast goals on creative projects, and plan on manifesting abundance! If February is the month of love than turn that vibrant healing energy inward to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Surrender to your inner child and embrace your truest self-expression!

This message comes from our good friend Alyssa Cook, crystalcure@gmail.com

Drop her a note and get in something intuitive happening this month!