Olive Peridot Nantucket Necklace
Olive Peridot Nantucket Necklace
Olive Peridot Nantucket Necklace
Julia Szendrei Jewelry

Olive Peridot Nantucket Necklace

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When I was a child my Mother gave me and Emerald Necklace. I love this necklace. It was a gift she bought for herself in honor of me and this holds the love you feel for your child. My birthday is in May and Emerald is my birthstone, the original heirloom she had found.

I was born on Nantucket and grew up on Cape Cod, and so the Nantucket Pendant title is meant to pass on notes to its authenticity and origination.

This is a meaningful piece I've kept in my collection for decades and in honor of this gift I wanted to re-create this style.

You'll be able to find at the top left corner of the pendant a hidden star. Left side is your heart side and I wanted to recreate the pendant but also add a twist to make it anew.

Each piece is meant to connect to your version of love whether through color or birthstone.

14k Gold Overlay with set dark Peridot tone CZ Diamond along 14k Gold Filled 17.5" Omega Chains.