Indore Gold Vermeil Necklace
Indore Gold Vermeil Necklace
Indore Gold Vermeil Necklace
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Indore Gold Vermeil Necklace

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Sliced raw uncut diamonds, White resin, Silver resin, Grey pyrite beads, Gold pyrite beads, vermeil 18K gold


Pyrite helps you relieve anxiety and stimulate positive energy. Commonly referred to as a stone of action, it vitalizes ambition, helps you focus on your abilities, and increases your commitment to follow-through.  


Sliced raw uncut diamonds, Labradorite beads, Gold pyrite beads, Gold resin, Silver resin, Vermeil 18k gold


Wearing labradorite is said to be helpful during times of change - it imparts strength and perseverance just as it balances and protects. 

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