Garnet Rose Cut Necklace
Garnet Rose Cut Necklace
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Garnet Rose Cut Necklace

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Rose Cut Red Garnets set onto 14k Gold Filled 16-18" adjustable chains. 

Our chains are custom made in the USA for a dainty look but extremely durable so you can enjoy it everyday! They're 100% waterproof and your order will ship with a jewelry polishing cloth so you can wipe them down occasionally and shine them up! 

 Garnet associates with self worth, prosperity, creativity, sexuality and attraction. They are the Earth element and promote grounding into your dreams and desires. Combining the energy of your root chakra, heart charka and your crown chakras, Garnet provides you a connection to your physical, emotional and spiritual energies. Known to help fire up your sense of self worth we use this stone to welcome in the frequency of love and abundance!